Floor covering

Floor Covering

Guess who has awesome floor covering installers? We do!! Our technicians take great care to install all our floor covering according to the manufacturer’s specs. You can rest assured that your flooring project will exceed your expectations! While many floor covering installers will only work in your home if it is vacant of furniture, we understand fully that almost every project we tackle is full of life, furniture, belongings and your favorite trinkets. Our technicians are well trained on how to move and relocate your belongings while your new floor covering is installed.

Carpet, padding, sheet vinyl, hardwood, laminated flooring, engineered wood flooring, ceramic and porcelain tile, composite tile, heated flooring systems, you name it! We have handled it all, and look forward to working with you. HPS has aligned itself with the some of the best retailers in the Denver area, and because of our volume, pass these savings on to you, our customer. We will field measure and inspect your home, and after you have selected the materials you desire, promptly provide you with your estimate.

Containing the Dust

Removal of your existing floor covering can be a challenge, but not for HPS. We believe the removal and disposal of your floor covering is a very important step. We want to make sure your belongings are carefully manipulated, and that dust is kept to a minimum. We do this by using containment, if necessary.

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Dust containment