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“Good fences make good neighbors”

Robert Frost wrote “Good fences make good neighbors”, and while this may be true for many of us, there are lots of other practical uses. In fact, they are required in some areas. They help keep unwanted critters out, keep our pets in, and provide some definition as to where our property starts and stops. So, why not make it a good one?

Exposure to the Elements

Over time, our fences take a great deal of abuse. Wind, rain, hail, rot, UV exposure, golf balls, critters, and just old age can cause your backyard sanctuary to become exposed to the neighbors and other elements. The majority of the calls we receive are a result of wind blowing sections of fence over, usually a rotted post is as much to blame as the wind. While this is a fairly easy fix: the fence can be detached from the post, the rotted post and concrete removed, then a new post set in new concrete. The fence can usually be reattached.

Exposure to the elements
Available fence materials

Available Materials

The materials used can sometimes make a difference. Instead of pressure treated pine, the endurance of cedar and redwoods cannot be challenged by other wood products. Vinyl fencing became very popular due to its resistance to rot, and its ability to retain color, but suffers from UV exposure causing it to become more brittle, and more susceptible to damage from hail and pets.

Composite fencing, such as the product made by Trex Fencing, has become very popular as a result, and many homeowners find the colors available, lack of maintenance required, lightweight materials, eco-friendly construction to be a great option. Most of our customers agree that the small additional cost up front saves money in maintenance over the life of the fence.
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Safety & Direction

They are everywhere, and perhaps they should be! Most HOA’s would have a traffic and parking nightmare unless these friendly reminders weren’t there to tell us where to park, what speed to travel, where not to park, when to look out for crossing traffic, where are the elevators, when to avoid the golf course, when is the lifeguard on duty, when to stop, and on, and on, and on.

Sometimes these signs simply lose their coloring or lettering, sometimes vehicles run them over, sometimes they just need to be replaced with something different. We replace signs frequently and most of our property managers are impressed with how little it takes to prepare a quality sign. In many HOA’s, the responsibility is on the HOA, not the municipality.

While we are there, we will check to status of your post, or whatever is holding the sign up, and if necessary, put a new one up! Go ahead and send the workorder to workorders@hpscolorado.com, or call the office and get this off your wish list!