Asphalt & Concrete

Parking & driveway damage issues

Parking & Driveway Issues

Few things detract from the value of a property like the presence of potholes, deteriorated pavement and poorly marked parking areas. We offer lots of solutions to your parking and driveway issues. The extreme weather ranging from heat and UV exposure, to snow and ice removal, can rapidly deteriorate a property’s asphalt.

Our Infrared Pothole System provides for the area to be repaired to be swept or blown clean, removing all loose aggregate, sand and/or water. The surface area will then be heated for approximately 20 minutes depending on the depth, season, and existing aggregate, using an infrared machine.
Once the repair area has been heated, the area will be raked to remove failed aggregate.

Additional HMA material will be applied to the area, while raking and grading it to the
proper level. Once the fresh material is placed, it will be compacted with a vibratory plate
and/or roller. Existing cracks can then be blown clean, broom swept to remove debris, then sealed.


One of the most dramatic appearance changer is to have the asphalt seal coated. Sealcoating not only protects the asphalt, but leaves a beautiful, clean looking and ebony appearance. Our process uses state of the art sealants using Polymer Modified Master seal (PMM) a premium quality asphalt emulsion sealer. This is usually a two coat spray application and takes 24-36 hours to cure.


Pavement sealcoating
Pavement striping


After the sealcoating, striping comes next. The fresh paint, contrasting to the jet black seal coat, makes any property stand out. Repaint existing parking stalls, cross hatch stripes, fire lane stripes/stencils (on pavement & curbing) arrows and ADA Stalls will keep a community organized and in compliances with codes requirements.

Lastly, parking curbs and bumper blocks may be required in your HOA or by codes requirements, so allow us to either replace those damaged ones, or re-pin and repair your existing. Sometimes constant forward bumping of these will allow the rebar to back out and become a trip hazard or safety issue.

Call HPS today for pricing on any of these services to keep your gateway to the property looking sharp!


Concrete is the most widely used man-made material. Typically, residential concrete is composed using Portland Cement. As opposed to asphalt, concrete carries a high compression rate, which is very useful under heavy weights such as driveways and sidewalks. Many concrete structures are built with an expected lifetime of approximately 100 years.

To add to the appearance of a standard concrete pour, many homes have their value increased by stamping the concrete with various patterns such as paved, cobblestone and brick like effects. The concrete can also be colored with pigmentation. Sealants are sometimes used to give it a glossy, shiny appearance.

Concrete custom work
Concrete repairs

Concrete Repairs

Mud jacking and foam injection are two repair methods to assist in deformation of poured concrete.
Most applications requested by our customers are for repairs for damaged or failing concrete. We usually are able to replace the failing area, and can replace the individual stones (from seam to seam). Most times these stones are fastened together using dowels with an epoxy to prevent further shifting of the stones. Drainage grates can be added to divert water away from traffic areas, and curbs may be added to assist this procedure. We can eliminate trip hazards for you, and prevent some legal liability.

Our technicians are involved in the work on a daily basis, and the result is an attractive and inexpensive replacement of damaged concrete.