Water & Sewer Damage

Water damage

Water Damage

More claims are presented to insurance companies for water damage than any other insured peril. With the advent of “indoor plumbing”, it was bound to happen. Water damaged properties can be the result of main supply lines, appliance supply lines such as ice maker lines, dishwasher lines, washing machine lines, sinks, toilets and showers. And that’s just from water going in! Drain lines leak, as well as poorly maintained tile showers, toilet and sink drains, failing garbage disposals, and others.

Emergency Service

Our emergency service water damage technicians will be on site in most areas within 90 minutes of our first notification, and for good reason! Our technicians, IICRC certified, know that every minute a material is wet, it may deteriorate the item, but also allows for a process called “wicking”, which is based on a thermodynamics law which states that “wet goes to dry materials if it is unimpeded. That means if the carpet gets wet, so may the pad, the subfloor, the crawlspace, the trim, the drywall and the framing and insulation.

Emergency Service
Water dehumidifcation


While the best way to remove water from a building is by physical removal (extraction), the moisture must then be removed by dehumidification. We utilize high vacuum extractors to physically remove this water, which reduces the burden on our dehumidifiers and fans, also reducing drying time. Our state of the art dehumidifiers combined with strategically placed air movers do the trick from here. We can then treat all remaining materials with an antimicrobial. In several days, your property will be as dry as it was before the water damage occurred.

We frequently hear “In Colorado the air is so dry, we can just open the windows and put fans on it”. Problems can begin here, as many days in Colorado see average humidity readings higher than it is inside. Sometimes the materials need to be lifted in order for the substrates to dry. Our skilled technicians can help you get to the bottom of the issue, and we guarantee we will not leave your home wet.

Moisture Detection

Roofs leak, windows leak, chimneys leak, fish tanks fail, you name it, and we have seen it! Emergency water damages always get everyone’s undivided attention! Water damage to properties left unchecked, and left wet, can easily lead to rot. Rotting structural members in a property can mean expensive and exhaustive repairs. Given the right conditions, wet building materials can turn into a disastrous mold issue.

We utilize state of the art moisture detection equipment to check those hard to see and impossible to reach areas, especially in attics, wall cavities and crawl spaces. Don’t let these areas fool you; what you can’t see can actually hurt you.

If you suspect water damage to your property, call us immediately for an inspection. Our staff understands water damages, and how to treat these issues.

Moisture detection
Raw sewage yuck

Raw Sewage…Yuck!

Yuck!! Raw sewage has backed up from blocked sewer lines into your finished basement, coating your bathroom, shower drain and overflowed your toilet! Now what do you do? Call HPS for immediate dispatch to have our trained sewage remediation technicians eliminate your concerns! Harmful and disease carrying bacteria run rampant in this stuff, don’t go it alone.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with sewage backup issues. Yes, this usually requires emergency service. Yes, we want to avoid further damage from occurring to your property. Yes, this can be a real health hazard which needs to be attended to. And, yes, we can arrange for the blockage to be removed. All you have to do is let us know, and we will dispatch our emergency service crews and be there in 90 minutes or less.

“Category 3 Loss”

Following the standard set forth in the S500 by the IICRC standardizing body, most sewage backups are considered a category 3 loss, and do not recommend attempting this type job on your own. We will sanitize and remove all porous materials which have come in direct contact with the sewage, including carpet, pad, drywall and contents. We will clean and sanitize the semi and non-porous materials such as framing, cabinets and subfloors. After the sanitizing and disposing process, we can then install our drying equipment to make sure that mold growth isn’t your next hurdle. The clock can be your enemy when dealing with sewage back-ups, so call quickly!

Category 3 Water loss
EPA registered disinfects

EPA Registered Disinfectant

Several products are available to us in the restoration industry to help us treat sewage affected items, among them is Benefect, an EPA registered disinfectant, which is made of the herb thyme. The old school adage is that to remove the odor, one must remove the source. After the sewage is removed, green products such as these add a great fragrance to your home.

Call today and allow us to handle this nasty situation for you!