Mold Remediation

Mold & fungus

Mold & Fungus

Perhaps the most attention getting issue we deal with today, mold in today’s indoor environment is one of the hottest topics available. Our mold remediation team is ready to address your concerns!
Mold almost always is the byproduct of wood building materials being exposed for too long to water, in a dark environment with almost no air circulation. The best way to keep mold, or other fungal growth from becoming an issue at your property, is to call our water mitigation team as soon as you notice the water damage. If not, the second best thing you can do is contact our mold remediation specialists.

While the human effects related to mold growth may be argued, the psychological effects can make everyone have a difficult time. Our job is to identify and eliminate the source of water, while creating a safe indoor environment for all who utilize that air space, while bringing down the property manager and HOA’s expense and potential liability.

Independent Hygienists

We typically recommend the use of independent hygienists who may assist in identifying and quantifying the suspect molds, and writing a protocol for the event, then upon completion of our work, conducting Post Remediation Verification (PRV) to independently verify the quality of the air and building materials. Since these reports and services are independent, you ensure that you have directed the right company to eliminate the mold issue, but also have independent verification to file on record.

Independent hygienist
Mold clean up steps

Cleanup Steps

Our mold remediation technicians take several steps on your jobsite:

  • Make sure all who enter the jobsite are safe, including the use of PPE (personal protective equipment), setting containment in the affected areas to ensure any airborne mold spores don’t migrate to other unaffected areas, and the use, where possible, to install negative air machines to effectively create a negative air pressure in the affected area, and filter out airborne particulate with HEPA filters.
  • Efficiently locate and eliminate the source of the water! While this seems so simple, many mold remediation contractors do not have the staff in place (plumbers, concrete installers, carpenters) to eliminate the problem. They can only refer you to those services. We have a staff full of the trade specialists, saving you time and money!
  • Prepare a complete mold remediation and anticipate reconstruction estimate so that everyone, including the insurance company, knows the cost going in. Many restoration companies are not capable of rebuilding what they tear out!
  • After the source is eliminated, and the affected porous materials are removed, the balance of the non-porous materials are dry, and the unaffected areas are contained off, we begin by utilizing HEPA vacuums to remove any existing mold spores
  • Wood framing may require sanding, and then all the affected areas are to be thoroughly cleaned with an approved biocide/ detergent.
  • The remaining structure may then be sealed with an encapsulant.
  • All this work is done in a contained environment, protecting you, the occupants, our employees. Once we have established through PRV that the work is thorough and complete, we can begin your rebuilding process!

    If you’ve noticed a water damage issue with your property, please call HPS today to arrange for an inspection with our mold damage remediation team! Time is of essence to prevent further damage from occurring.