Insurance Claims

Documenting the claim

Documenting the Claim

The insurance claims world can be one of the most confusing and time consuming process property managers have to deal with. It is no fun at all, and many times, these headaches can be minimized with proper communication from the beginning, early documentation of the claim, and prompt action from the onset to get the job into our hands.

We can help! Our estimators can take the majority of the work off your hands. We document the loss by properly photographing the claim from day one. We also photo the process through our work schedule and store these photos for you. Our estimators also understand the claims language and detail necessary for you to be able to meet the stringent conditions of the insurance carrier, and also communicate with the claims adjuster on your behalf.

Claims Process

Most insurance companies utilize an estimating software such as Xactimate to determine the damages. These estimating software’s can be confusing, difficult for the layman to read and follow, and even more difficult to operate. Our staff has been utilizing Xactimate since the late 1990’s, and can help you weave through the confusing sea of the claims process.

Terms like recoverable depreciation, actual cash value, qualified restoration contractor, overhead and profit, real property vs personal property, % deductibles, and others are a daily language utilized by the claims industry, and we get it! Our understanding of this process and our caring, understanding and knowledgeable staff, will help you bridge the gap between the insurance company and your property.

Claims process

Working with Insurance Companies

Early in the process we can submit an estimate, in the format the insurance company wants to utilize, along with the necessary documentation, helps allow the insurance company to focus on what they need to focus on, your coverages! It also helps you, the property manager, get back to managing the property, instead of having to focus on the details of a claim!

We work with insurance companies daily, and are happy to take this off of your plate. Whether it is hail damage, water damage, fire and smoke damage, vandalism, call us now and allow us to assist you through the entire claims process! Let us help you get the claim paid, and move on to other business!