Hail & Wind Damage

Hail strikes

Hail Strikes

The hail damage restoration business in Colorado is a billion dollar business. That’s right, billion with a B. Colorado ranks second only to Texas for the number of claims filed with insurance companies for hail damage, accounting for about 9% of the US total. That is a lot of hail damage!

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As a result of this weather phenomenon, restoration contractors migrate to the area when these storms affect us. And then, after the migration season is over, these contractors return home. Good luck getting these folks back to your property then! We are a local restoration General Contractor, and our emergency personnel are here now, and will be years from now. Why choose a restoration contractor who might not be around when you need them later? This is where we live and work, and will be here when you need us.

We don’t realize it until it hits our properties, and while sometimes not a visible as a flood, water damage or fire, but the damage hail strikes can cause to a property is tremendous, many times resulting in emergency services necessary to prevent further damage.

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We can quickly and accurately determine how much damage a hail storm has caused to your roofing, skylights, siding, gutters, windows, trim, air conditioning and decks. If you have concerns about hail damage, or if you need emergency services resulting from a hail storm, contact our office today!


The challenge with hail is that it isn’t always visible from the ground. Hail can create small, dime sized impacts on a shingle roof, causing the granules which protect you shingles to be diminished, allowing the substrate, or base material, of the shingle to become exposed to the elements. This can result in roof leaks and accelerated depreciation of the precious shingles protecting your home.

It doesn’t take a particularly large sized hail stone to create this damage, sometimes it’s the quantity of the stones, the angles of the hail storms impact, the density of the hail stone, and the condition of the roof and siding it is impacting. We have seen hail storms so thick that the roads have to be plowed, but what about your roof? Sometimes it’s necessary to clear the hail from the roof so that leaks don’t occur from buildup and lack of drainage. We can clear these blockages for you!

Hail damage
Insrance claims

Insurance Claims

We can quickly prepare an estimate for the restoration of the property, arrange to develop an agreed restoration estimate of repairs along with your insurance company, and skillfully produce all of these repairs for you.


Fewer forces of nature can be more damaging to homes than wind damage. As the old saying goes “Sometimes it’s not so important how high the wind is blowing, it’s WHAT the wind is blowing”. Or, what it’s blowing against. Here in the Denver, Colorado area, winds can pop up any day, especially in the Foothills. This is one reason why some municipalities have some of the most stringent roofing requirements we are aware of.

Wind can damage shingles, and may result in leakage. Wind can remove loose siding, resulting in exposed building envelopes. Fence sections can be blown over by wind, and may need a quick repair to protect your yard and pets. During periods of heavy rain, when followed by high winds, tree roots become loosened in the soil, making them more prone to be blown over.

We are ready to answer the call to your wind damaged property!

We have the knowledge of how to remove a tree from your property. We have the experience to know how to temporarily tarp a roof to prevent further leakage. We have the experience to know when a property is no longer safe for the occupants after a storm. We have the size to be able to handle any size wind damage event your property might suffer. We have the contacts to put a crane on the property to remove those extra-large wind damaged objects.

We are happy to work with your insurance company, because sometimes the language used by the insurance adjusters is downright confusing. Don’t let your property go unrepaired from wind damage, the fix is sometimes so simple!

Wind damage