Fire & Smoke Damage

Fire Devasting for a Family

A fire loss can be devastating to a family!

Sometimes their lives are changed forever, some may be displaced for a while, while others may not even need to move out. We are equipped and staffed to handle the largest HOA or Community fire, to the smallest of soot damages. Don’t let the intricacies of dealing with an insurance company become a full time job to you. We can do it all at HPS!

The aftermath of a fire brings so many questions. What is salvageable, what needs to be discarded, is it safe to breathe in my unit, who is going to take care of my contents, whose insurance is going to be responsible? There are many more, but you need not fret when HPS of Colorado is rebuilding your units for you.

With a call to HPS of Colorado, we will immediately dispatch our crews and project managers to get the ball rolling. Our first step involves and inspection to make sure that the building and all others are safe. By doing so, we will make recommendations as to which openings need boarded up, does the roof need a tarp or further securing, does an engineer need to get involved immediately, do the municipal authorities have any special needs, does the property need to be fenced off, and or taped off, are any of the occupants needing care, does the building have power and water, can we mitigate any damages with drying equipment, physical removal or immediate cleaning. There are so many immediate decisions needing to be made, we are certainly here to help. While many restoration contractors are successful at dispatching emergency service crews, the next steps are the difference maker.

The Day After

The day after the fire can be the biggest difference maker between an average restoration contractor and HPS. After the immediate needs are addressed, we then do through an investigative approach. Who needs our help from the fire damage? What work needs to be done to mitigate further fire damage or water damage. Which permits need to be applied for? Do we need temporary electric or water while the building is restored? Has the insurance company been notified? These questions need to be addressed today, not later when the insurance company says “Go!”

We are pleased to meet the insurance adjuster on site, and conduct a complete walk through. We should be able at that point to reach an agreement in scope. This means you know what work needs to take place. Since we do not contract with any insurance companies, you can be assured that our only client is YOU! At that point, we can begin assembling the proper teams, tradesmen and vendors to start the rebuilding process. We will begin placing dumpsters, temp elect, temp water, placement of any necessary storage containers, application of the correct permits, are there any long order materials which we can address now, and address any personal property needs of any of the community members. We will also address the board of directors when this would be beneficial.

Since we use the same estimating software, Xactimate, as most insurance companies, once we have reached an agreed scope of work, reaching an agreed repair estimate is easy! We simply plug into our state of the art software, and we are ready to go!

The day after a fire
Smoke travels

Smoke Travels

While not as structurally damaging as the fire damage itself, smoke being released from a fire often produces a toxicity to the byproduct of the fire itself. When buildings heat up during the course of a fire, the building has a tendency to expand. When the building fills up with smoke at this exaggerated temperature, smoke can enter in crevices not normally present during normal temperatures. When the building cools, it then contracts, trapping smoke in those now enclosed areas.

By being able to thoroughly investigate the smoke travel, we can help eliminate the lingering smoke odor. Many of us have heard the person say “Oh, my relative’s house caught on fire and we never did get rid of that smoke smell.” I always want to reply, “If HPS had repaired that home, it wouldn’t be that way”. We spend a tremendous amount of time chasing the smoke patterns. Sometimes they are hidden in attics, in wall cavities, or in the crawlspace. He get in those areas and sniff it out! The best way to eliminate the soot odor is by removing the soot particulate.

In some instances, soot odor can penetrate areas which can’t be reached. Our fire technicians are versed in the application of several other techniques designed to eliminate the smoke odor: Ozone Gas and Hydroxyl Generators. There are pros and cons to each technique, but one of our trusted fire damage technicians can help!


Many of the complaints we hear about other restoration contractors, especially those in the fire restoration field, results in a lack of communication. This can be a challenge when there are municipal inspectors, engineers, insurance company representatives, affected homeowners, non-affected homeowners, and tenants, boards of directors and property managers who deserve, and need communication. Not only do we “not mind” this level of communication, we strongly suggest it! An educated party to the fire is always better than a non-educated. We communicate as often as needed, especially in the early stages. Sometimes this is a daily event.

We can communicate with whomever needs the information. As the job progresses, we typically communicate by a “weekly newsletter” covering all aspects necessary. We also strongly suggest that one of our representatives attends the board meetings while the repairs are taking place. Sometimes a live question and answer goes a lot further than an email.



Our goal is to provide you the finest in fire restoration services available. Part of that means staying on the front end of the ever changing fire restoration technology boat, part of that means old fashioned, roll up the sleeves hard work, some of that means state of the art estimating and communicating software, part of that means taking time out to show we care for your loss, going over and above to help in a time of need.

We at HPS hope that you are never involved in a fire, and that if you are, we hope to have the opportunity to help rebuild your property as well as your lives.