Welding & Metal Fabrication

Welding & metal fabrication custom projects

Custom Projects

Our metal fabrication technicians, while a fantastic complement to our welding services, give us the capability of providing a service for you that few contractors can. We can fabricate metal custom made for your property, without the expense of sub contracting this work out to pricey fabricators.

The cutting, bending and assembling of long lasting steel can be done in house. And, at a rate which is a fraction of the larger fab shops. Signage fabricated using plate metal and tube stock, can virtually last a lifetime!

Finish Coating

A finish of powder coating will not only enhance the beauty of the project, but will help slow down the oxidation (rusting) of the metal. Why not complete your project with a long lasting and beautiful steel railing? How about an illuminated steel entrance sign that won’t rot?

Metal fabrication finish coating