Siding & Stucco

Siding repairs and replacement

Siding Repairs and Replacement

Outside of the roof, siding and stucco can be one of the most important building component to protect your home. While we see many different types of exterior envelopes, and repair many of them, siding and stucco are the two most frequently used here in Colorado.

Siding repairs and replacement are many times dependent on the type of material used. The older aluminum siding component has been largely replaced by vinyl or composite materials siding. Most patterns and colors are available, and with the composite materials, painting can create a beautiful transformation of you home. We will also install the appropriate vapor barrier or house wrap. Vinyl siding is still very popular although is losing ground in popularity to cement type products such as Hardie Plank siding. They are impervious to water, and carry a 10 finish warranty with their prefinished option. They are also available in 4’x8’ sheets.

Stucco Materials

Stucco generally reflects two different types of materials. True stucco is a moist product that is spread over a metal lath (similar to plaster) which then has a troweled finish. The stucco can have color added, or painted. This is an astounding look for older homes. A synthetic version is also available, using polystyrene as a backer and insulating mode, then fiber mesh tape is applied over, then the synthetic material (usually color coated) which provides a nice, smooth finish.

HPS of Colorado has skilled craftsmen who can handle any of these materials in a professional and speedy manner.

Stucco materials