Roofing & Gutters

Why a local contractor

Why a local contractor?

Perhaps one of the most important area for a restoration general contractor to inspect is the roof! Due to the frequency of hail storms in Colorado, and the dreaded pilgrimage of storm chasers which follow, we strongly suggest having a reputable local restoration contractor thoroughly inspect your roof. Why a local contractor? 1) Because we will be here two years from now if you need us. 2) Because our references are local, this is where we live and work. 3) Our pricing remains the same, whether or not there has been a hailstorm in the area (however, we cant help the cost of materials sometimes going up) 4) As a licensed General Contractor in this area, we understand the codes issues in the many different municipalities along the front range.

High Winds & Ice Dams

It doesn’t matter what type of roof you have: flat roofs with EPDM, TPO, modified bitumen or sloped roofs with a three tab shingle, dimensional or architectural, wood shake shingle or tile roofing, we have handled them all. Call us today for your roof inspection!

Hail damage isn’t the only predator for roofs here in Colorado. High winds, ice dams, improperly draining valleys, falling tree limbs, high Ultra Violet exposure, cracking of jack boots, all can cause damage to or be a part your roof challenge.

Replacement isn’t always the best answer, our roofing technician specialists always look for a repair possibility first. Roof replacement is sometimes a sizeable expense, so allow us to see if a repair is possible first.

We can handle any size roof, and while the average home contains 15-30 squares of roofing, some of our clients have us replace 4000 squares of roofing! No job is too small or too large for HPS.

High winds & ice dams
Healthy gutters

Healthy Gutters

Although they may not look like much of an important building component, just try doing without them during a rainy season! As many of our customers have found out, a healthy gutter/ downspout drainage system is critical to moving rainwater your roofline away from your residence.

Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters result in more water damaged interiors than most can believe. We have found leaves in gutters with no surrounding trees, tennis balls, golf balls, Barbie dolls, a variety of toys, roofing debris (granules) just to name a few of the obstacles. When the water from your roofline, especially in heavy rainfall or melt off, is not provided the proper channels to be diverted away, the water is going to find the smallest hairline defect in the building envelope, and it will find a way in to your home.

We offer gutter cleaning services that will help prevent this. Some of our customers contract with us twice per year to make sure that both spring and fall tree debris is clear!

Clogged gutters


The gutters usually wrap the perimeter of the roofline, and then allow gravity to move the water through the downspouts. The downspouts carry the water vertically away from the roof. If the downspouts are clogged, same problem. Our gutter cleaning services will help eliminate this issue.
The water then must be diverted away from the base of your home. Elbows installed on the downspouts help kick the water away from your exterior walls. Splash blocks, installed at the base of the downspout and below the elbows, help channel the concentrated water out and away from your foundation.
Many times corrugated pipe and buried conduit will help move the water further away from the dwelling and ideally downhill towards a sanitary sewer.

Call us today to help you analyze your gutter/ downspout system so that you won’t have to call us with leaks in your home!