Electrical & Plumbing

Electrical property maintenance

Electrical Property Maintenance

How many Maintenance and Restoration contractors have electricians on staff? Not too many, but we do!!
Common requests such as changing out light fixtures, hanging new ceiling fans, replacing failing GFI outlets & swapping out bathroom exhaust vents. These are easily done, and can be handled through our work order division with ease. Our charges for these services are also easy on the checkbook as we normally bill these services out as time and materials. No tricks to it, just email a work order in, and we will charge you for the amount of time spent on the job, plus the materials you select.

Maybe it’s time to change out those light fixtures for direct lighting such as can fixtures over the countertops in a kitchen, or simply installing low voltage lighting in a courtyard to illuminate a walkway. We can help! How about those high ceilings that you cannot reach to change the bulbs, or maybe its time to swap out for low energy LED bulbs. Let us help.

Master Electrician

Certain jobs require much more attention, and may require a Master Electrician. Our base of subcontractors for these type services are second to none. Lightning strikes in Colorado are nothing to sneeze at, and we believe it to be comforting to have an electrician run thorough testing on the system to make sure additional damage doesn’t follow the lightning strike. Ohmmeters are excellent tools for this purpose, and with many homes still using fuses in their panels instead of circuit breakers, this is a highly recommended service.

Many homes are still wired with aluminum wiring. We find that aluminum connections may have a tendency to work the connection loose. Proper diagnostics on these connections helps make sure the lights stay on!

Master Electrician
Plumbing leaks

Plumbing Leaks

We estimate that over 60% of the jobs we handle are a result of water damage, and over 70% of those are from plumbing issues. So, don’t let the plumbing leak cause any more water damage. Call now to have one of our plumbing techs out today and get that leak arrested before the damage worsens.

Water lines for ice makers can be fragile when moving the refrigerator, dishwasher lines are the same material and can leak easily. Copper elbows can corrode, toilet supply lines that are braided copper have a plastic nut that tightens on to the toilet tank and fail frequently, rubber supply hoses to washing machines, wax rings decompress and fail under toilets, under sink water shut offs fail. Sink drains hidden in our cabinets behind everything we can think of stuffing under there go largely unnoticed until they leak. Our techs can do all of this work, and we don’t have to call a plumber to your home in many instances.

Licensed Plumber

Many restoration contractors have to call a licensed plumber out for these services, but not us. Our in-house technicians can handle the job, and in most cases, save you at least 20% on your bill. In very complex issues, we may still need a plumber for permanent repairs, but in the meantime, we can repair that leak until a permanent solution is applied.

Licensed plumber