Drywall & Painting

Textures & blending

Textures & Blending

Our drywall technicians, simply put, are as good as it gets. Several of the stages involved are the hanging, finishing and texturing. The majority of homes in Colorado have some sort of texture, and while texture may hide some of the imperfections in the drywall itself, a poor texture job which is then painted over only worsens a bad situation. Our drywall guys rock!

One reason for this is that many of the drywall jobs we repair start out as water or sewer damage. During the course of remediation, many times the bottom 12”, 24” or 48” of the drywall is removed. After replacement of that section, the seam between the two materials must be flawless. Instead of having to re-texture the entire room or wall, in most cases we are able to skillfully blend in the new texture to the existing texture, saving large amounts of money for our clients through the process.

Fresh Paint

Perhaps the most visible aspect of any home are the finishes, and paint leads the category. Whether it’s exterior painting or interior painting, most real estate agents advise freshening up these categories any time you sell a home. For good reason, fresh paint shows you care about the details.

Fresh paint
Exterior painting


Exterior paint serves a dual purpose as opposed to most interior paints. Exterior paint not only gives your property a great, fresh and individual appearance, it also helps with the battle of the elements. It is true, that unless protected, most exterior walls and trim will deteriorate from UV exposure, water damage and insect damage. Our painters not only are taxed with one of the most visually discerning trades, our painters spend at least 70% of their time actually not painting. This time includes scraping, prepping, caulking, protecting landscaping, masking off trim, detaching and resetting non painted surfaces such as light fixtures and shudders. In Colorado’s harsh weather environment, we can’t guarantee a paint job will last a lifetime, but we can guarantee that building materials without a quality paint job won’t last a lifetime. We have the capability of painting a large HOA complex, or just that difficult porch railing. Size doesn’t matter with us!


Interior paint jobs tend to be more for a decorative purpose. A high quality paint job over a poorly prepared surface, looks like a poor paint job. So, once again, our painting craftsmen spend the majority of their day making sure the surface is ready for paint, making sure paint doesn’t go where it isn’t supposed to, and since so many of our customers occupy the spaces we are painting, they deal with all of the personal property one could imagine. Many of the interior paint jobs we do only involve a handful of rooms, so matching is at a premium. Our paint suppliers can computer analyze your existing paint to provide a perfect match!

Since we elect not to align ourselves with a certain brand of paint, the choice is yours! We can use any paint label you desire, any sheen you desire, and the sky is the limit with colors!

Interior painting