Drainage & Grading

Moving soil

Moving Soil

We receive weekly calls for correcting unwanted water in basements due to negative slope, or improper water run-off. Maybe there is nuisance standing water in a drive or parking area.

For a lot of properties, after initial new construction, water is going where it’s supposed to be going-away from your living space. In time, freshly placed top soil settles, the ground moves, and tree roots and landscaping can cause minor fluctuations in the water run-off. Then, we water our landscaping around the foundation of our home, and it has no place to go other than inside!

Moving Water

Our staff is able to accurately determine your drainage needs, and if necessary, have our engineers draw drainage plans. We frequently are requested to install concrete drainage pans in parking lots and parking areas. Standing water on an asphalt paved area will only accelerate the deterioration of the asphalt.

What may seem like a complex ground water issue permeating the basement foundation walls can sometimes simply be eliminated with the use of two of our technicians and a little reshaping of the earth around the property.

Call us today to help you get the water moving where it needs to go; away from your property!!

Moving water