Carpentry & Cabinets

Wood work

Wood Work

Whether we are framing out a damaged wall, installing or repairing your deck to entertain on, or installing gorgeous custom trim work, our carpentry technicians know how to make wood work!

Many water damages occur from leaking pipes, and since many of these pipes are located inside a wall cavity, we carefully remove the drywall to expose the framing. A thorough check of the condition of the integrity of the framing assures you that the wall and floor system will not fail you in the future.


Summertime in Colorado is just right for those beautiful evenings spent on the deck. With age and exposure to the elements, sometimes these decks develop rot, decay and splinters. Don’t let these ruin your Bar-B-Cue, or worse, allow those splinters to effect those bare feet. We take the time to inspect your existing deck, make recommendations as to the use of these materials, and provide you an estimate to revive that extra outside room! Composite materials are very popular with the “Grille Set”, and eliminates so many outdoor challenges wood has, including refinishing.



How about upgrading your trim in the way of applied molding, larger base molding throughout to add definition to the walls, or that extra something of crown molding? For our carpentry technicians, none of this is a challenge to our talented craftsmen!

Cabinets, Vanities & Countertops

Our carpentry technicians are especially effective in installing cabinets, vanities & countertops. No kitchen remodel is complete without the addition of a perfectly designed cabinet and countertop makeover! Call us today to brighten your kitchen and bath into something you are proud of!

Cabinets, vanities & countertops