What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“I just wanted to extend my sincere thanks for your, and your team’s effort, in getting the repairs to my house done in a timely and efficient manner. Robert and Jacob were very nice. They both did a fantastic job and I’d like to commend them for their hard work, efficiency, politeness, and attention to detail.

I am grateful that the HOA contracts with your company, who from what I’ve seen, sincerely cares about getting the job done right.”

Jen C.

“I wanted to tell you that I had a nice voicemail from Jim, he said that if he would have known that they could do such great work on the drywall and paint that he would’ve had them do the whole condo. He also came in and brought cupcakes!

Please let them know and that he hasn’t been easy to please so kudos to them. Thank you very much!”


“I just wanted you to know that the porch fence repair work on our townhouse was completed today by Robert H. of HPS Contractors. Robert did an excellent job on several different levels:

1. He called several days ahead and scheduled the job with me
2. He showed up on the agreed date right on time
3. He performed the repair with a high degree of professional care

I wanted you to know this since all too often, service jobs are not taken seriously. It is refreshing when timeliness and professionalism are still exhibited.”


“Dear Janet,
I don’t know if Mark has contacted you yet, as I have been working the last 3 days. I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the water repairs. Andrew and Paul did an amazing job – put the other repair jobs to shame! You cannot tell that there was ever a problem or prior damage. I would highly recommend their work.

Thanks so much for your help with these issues!”


“Thank you so much for getting the roof taken care of. Al was wonderful to work with, very professional and the gentleman that came out was efficient and courteous. Loved them!”


“I took a look at the work inside and your guy did an awesome job. That knockdown texture is usually hard to match. I can’t even tell anything was changed.”


“You guys have been awesome, communicative and easy to work with. Every homeowner we’ve talked to after work has been done so far has been very pleased!

I hope we can work together for a long time to come – I love companies that let their work speak for itself and don’t have to “sell” me on how good they are. When I don’t get complaints for homeowners or the Board – that means more to me than anything else. Have a great evening!”

Roberta Testimonal

We reviewed the work performed at the South Jebel Way property today and I am very impressed. The work was very professional.

We look forward to providing you with additional projects in the very near future.”


Just wanted to let you know that the HPS guys are GREAT! They were here less than 15 minutes and found the 1/8″ leak source. They fixed it and were gone in about 45 minutes. I am SO pleased and grateful. Thank you for following up on this annoying issue.

You are GREAT as well! smile emoticon:)”

Fran P.

“Bill: Thank you very much. I appreciate the urgency and professionalism your company demonstrates, I will certainly refer you to anyone that needs a contractor.”


“Good morning!
I just wanted to say “thank you”! I had given your number to Susan A. at Georgetown a couple of weeks ago and she called on Monday to let us know just how happy she was with you and your company. So…THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! ”

Roberta S.

“Thank you very much, I do appreciate your prompt and professional service and will continue to request your services in the future, have a good day.”

Linda T.

Excellent service by the two staff members whom took care of the tree and repairing my patio roof.

I trust that you will pass this e-mail along.”


“Just wanted to say a quick thanks again. Late on Sunday was NOT on any of our agendas. You handled the issue efficiently and with a true and professional attitude. Thank you Bill, sorry again for the inconvenience. Goodnight.”

Jen S.

“Thanks Bill,
Your folks did an exemplary job at Gold Peak for us. On time and on target. Love the response time!

I’m sure we will have additional projects for your company.”


“Hi K.
I just wanted to let you know and pass on to HPS about the good job that was done to my garage the other day. with so many bad experiences with contractors HPS repaired my drywall very well. It really looks nice now.

The contractor was very nice and considerate while he was here. He and the work were very professional.”

Laura L.

“FYI: Just wanted to advise you what an outstanding job the snow removal crew performed last night. They are to be commended. I don’t think their staff gets enough well-deserved recognition. Kudos to them. Please let them know that I for one appreciate their hard work and I am sure I speak for many of the residents as well.

Thanks again for all you do.”


“PETE and his crew (sorry I can’t remember all their names) were totally AWESOME yesterday, here at Westgate Square!

From the very prompt and courteous response, to the completion at 10 pm, Pete & crew were so on top of the situation we could not have asked for more.

Dedicated, polite, sincere people and employees are few and far between…these guys are all of that.

Thank you!”


“Hi A.,
I’ve been out of it for awhile so I was not available when the repairs were made to my condo floor. However, from the feedback I’ve received from L., it appears that your workmen did an exceptional job. Please extend to them my sincere thanks for their dedication and professionalism. Those qualities are very rare.”


“Good Morning, Bill:
Thank you for the great job on our new front walkway and driveway. Your crew was efficient and hard working! Raoul was especially considerate, knowledgeable and easy to work with. We will be glad to offer a reference should you ever need one.

B. Sanchez recommended you to us, and he was right about the quality of work you do.”


“Thanks for the invoice. We really appreciate you keeping up with this.
Also, Thanks to your guys for the best plow/snow removal job ever!

Your guys did a fantastic job, and really took great care of our lot. Thanks again.”


“Good morning. Just a note to let you know that the work in my unit has been completed – finally! I ended up taking this past Friday off from work and Larry the drywall contractor came over and was in and out in 2 hours as promised. Larry was very professional, competent, did a nice job and cleaned up after himself!

If I wouldn’t have been able to take Friday off he was willing to do the job either after hours or Saturday to get it done. With that said I didn’t mind taking another day off since he was willing to go over and above by being accommodating.

After dealing with HPS and now Larry I feel you have some competent business men in place and provide great customer service. Thank God.”

Bridget L

“Dear S.,
I wanted to take a moment and let you know what a great job Bill at HPS did on the mitigation for the drainage problem here at my home. I felt like he really put his best foot forward and covered all the bases so that this issue has been resolved! His attention to detail, communication and accountability helped me to feel reassured that the job would get done right. Thank you and the Board for hiring him and taking care of this issue.”

Gina F.