Winter is Coming! – Snow Contracts – Winterizing

Winter is Coming
It doesn’t take a “Game of Thrones” fan to know it. The cooler fall temperatures can mean only one thing, winter is on its way! Being ready mentally is a big part of the process. But, having your home ready is something entirely different. The freeze/ thaw process can have a profound effect on your home, but what else can we do to prepare your home?

Snow Contracts:

We are prepared to assist you! Did you know that HPS of Colorado does snow removal? We are stocked with plows, ATV’s, blowers, shovels and ice melt, all utilized to your custom contract for your property. With a snow removal plan from HPS of Colorado, all you have to do it sit back and let it snow! We customize your tolerances, snow dump sites, areas of attention and ice issues- all completed while you sit back and watch the snow pile up!

Garden Hoses:

Attached garden hoses and improperly winterized sprinkler lines are usually the first to be affected by cold weather. An attached garden hose during freezing temps is one of the easiest ways to have a frozen water supply line to your home. Second up is not having your sprinkler system winterized. Both these systems are attached to your main water supply. When one of these freeze, the volume of the ice is usually a greater area than water supply, which causes expansion, splitting and rupturing. Water damage can be enormous from these as often, water can run without an early detection. Detaching your hoses and properly draining your irrigation system are two of your best defenses to prevent costly water damages this winter!


Many property managers have vacant properties. Has yours been winterized? HPS of Colorado is called frequently during the winter months to deal with large water damages resulting from properties which haven’t been properly winterized. When old man winter visits, it’s not just important to have heat on in a building. The heat can fail resulting in frozen water supply lines, and then, a rupture and resulting water damage. The best way to avoid this is to have the property properly winterized by our professionals! Water left at 32 degrees or less in a toilet for about 72 hours can cause it to freeze and rupture. Water supply lines in an exterior wall can freeze, split the line and flood the property if the temperature and wind combination is just right. Draining toilets, water heater and supply lines are critical, along with the proper use of anti-freeze all assist in making sure you are a winterizing customer instead of a more expensive water damage customer!


If these preventative steps don’t work, then we are proud to offer our 24/7 emergency services. Just one call to (303) 698-9999, 24 hours a day, will land our highly trained water damage technicians to your home within 90 minutes in most cases. We will determine and repair cause of loss, protect your personal property from further damage, extract standing water, remove any materials which will impede drying, remove wet materials which don’t need drying, set commercial state-of-the-art drying equipment, and treat porous building materials with an anti-microbial. Just like that….. but you need to call us!

Following these tips will help you stay dry this winter! We would much rather see you this fall doing preventative steps rather than see you this winter doing water extraction from your home.